I’m Not autistic

Welcome!  Just like you don’t need to be neurotypical to enjoy a neurotypical website, you don’t need to be autistic to we a part of the community here.  We imagine there are three main groups you may fall into if you aren’t autistic (we aren’t leaving out autistics here!!! we’re just listing all the other people who might end up on this website):

  • Not autistic, not related to anyone autistic.  In which case, you are welcome here! We are a community that does not treat people differently because of how their brains work.  Many of the ideas we write about here have worked for our friends, family, and Robin’s patients from many different situations and will probably help you too. Whether you are in need of self care ideas, parenting support, or relationship help, we’ve got something for you. Check out the book reviews too!
  • The partner of someone who is autistic.  Most of the articles are meant for both members of a partnership regardless of their neuro-status.  There are also articles that specifically address your unique needs as the neurotypical partner in a neurodiverse relationship.. 
  • The parent of someone who is autistic, possibly a young child.  We hope this website both helps you in the challenging and rewarding work you are doing and gives you hope for your child’s future as an adult with a full and interesting life. There are articles specifically about parenting but also look at the articles for autistic adults and for the partner of someone who is autistic–remember that autism is 80% genetic so there’s a good chance you will relate to some of these too.

Regardless of why you are here, we hope this website will be a helpful and hopeful place for you to find resources that will help you in your life!

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