Neurodiversity 101

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We are so excited to be releasing Neurodiversity 101 today! It’s just a taste of things to come but is such an important step for us.

Many people (even people in neurodiverse families) have never heard of neurodiversity. So we’re starting with a mini-course on neurodiversity. You can help change the world by forwarding this to friends and family so that everyone can learn about the beautiful diversity of brain wiring in our world!

In the video, we make sure that everyone understands the basics of autism (ASD), ADHD (ADD), Tourette’s (tics), and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). More importantly, we make sure neurodiverse families know that they are part of a world-wide community of people who are different, not broken.

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Please help us out by sharing our new video with friends and family, on your favorite social media, or with professionals who work with your family. The more people who find out about what we’re doing, the more people we can help!

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