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When Tim was diagnosed with autism, we thought we’d get the help we needed

The Beginning

We were married young, a perfect opportunity to do our adolescent self-discovery together. It took almost 20 years of searching before we finally understood why things were so much harder for us than other families. When we first learned that our brains were wired differently, it started to make sense. But the information came slowly and then we had to figure out how to make it work.

We had no idea what we were getting into…

The Diagnosis

We knew Tim had ADHD before the kids arrived. But it wasn’t until after our child’s diagnosis with Autism Spectrum Disorder that we realized that Tim had many of the same struggles.

We were blown away by what a difference the appropriate support made for our son. We didn’t see the diagnosis as a label but as a way to understand how his brain was wired so that we could help him be his best self. We wanted that for Tim, too.

And then we had children…

Figuring Out

Once we had the full set of diagnoses, the next challenge was finding the help we needed. There is so much out there for parents who want to help their children. But what about the proudly autistic adult who embraces their identity and also needs extra help to fully enjoy their relationships with spouse and children?

There are a handful of books with relationship help but we struggled to find much on parenting for a neurodiverse parent. Also, most resources were difficult for Tim to access because they were not in a format that worked well for him. Many neurodiverse individuals learn best from audio or video formats.

Tim loved being a dad!

Creating Our Own Resources

Thankfully, Robin’s experience meant we were able to create our own resources.

Robin is a family physician and has spent the majority of her decade in practice working in a small safety net clinic where she had an hour for each appointment. She spent the majority of her time teaching parenting, relationship, and life skills to people in a variety of situations. She developed and tested methods that would work for people with all sorts of struggles and backgrounds…including in our own home!

Robin’s professional qualifications came in handy

“Thank you for creating a website that’s for me, the autistic adult, not someone else who is trying to change who I am. I just want to do a good job as a spouse and parent while also staying true to who I am.”

Nate W. from Sunnyvale, CA

“Quick, accessible, interesting. Nothing else can hold my attention. I wish I could read the books, but now I can get the information I need.”

Julie M. from Boulder, CO

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