The First Step Towards Our Dream for Aspie Family

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When we started Aspie Family, we had a dream of creating a fully accessible website for neurodiverse families. This meant that the same content would be available in multiple formats–written, video, and audio. It’s a lot of work to create all the formats so we’re we’re starting with articles and adding audio for Patrons with a goal of adding video once we have enough Patrons to support our work.

Our plan was whiteboard style explainer videos as these seem to work better than talking head videos for most of our Aspie friends and family. But of course, these are also time and skill intensive.

If you believe in the importance of a fully accessible website for everyone, head over to Patreon to see how you can be part of the dream (and also collect your free printables, join private Q&A posts, or be a part of live discussions).

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