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You Have Unique Needs

You have unique wiring that means that you have unique needs. But most people don’t recognize those needs unless you fit their mental picture of what someone with autism looks like (usually a white male child). So it can be easy to start believing that instead of having unique wiring that you’re just broken or wrong or lazy. But you aren’t! You are a wonderful human being who deserves to have a wonderful life that suits you.

Our goal is that every person be able to find their best life regardless of their wiring. It can be a little easier to find what that best life is when you’re in the majority. You need to hunt a little harder, but hopefully we can make it a little easier now that you’re here. Welcome!

You Matter, We See You

Because autism is invisible, the unique struggles of an adult with autism are often invisible also–this means that friends and family don’t support you the way they would if you needed extra support because you were working really long hours.

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Because you have different needs, your needs are likely not being met. It’s common to start to believe that you don’t matter. Many adults give up on themselves. But you don’t have to–the first step is realizing and then doing something different.

If you have children, you may have been told that you can’t be a good parent because of your autism. This is not true! But kids are demanding and overwhelming and because autism and ADHD are genetic, there’s a good chance that your kids have their own needs as well.

You Have Unique Needs

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