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Neurodiversity 101

Many people (even people in neurodiverse families) have never heard of neurodiversity. So we’re starting with a mini-course on neurodiversity. You can help change the world by forwarding this to friends and family so that everyone can learn about the beautiful diversity of brain wiring in our world!

Discovering Autistic perspectives

We just wanted to let our readers know that if you’re looking for other Actually Autistic blogs… there’s a place for that! It’s so important in a culture where our voices are often hidden behind a lot of noise and preconceptions and agendas to find out that we’re all people living our lives. We’d recommend…

No-Cry Homeschooling

Many people are finding themselves forced to homeschool their children this year. It’s hard for everyone and if your child was getting supports that have now been removed, how in the world are you supposed to do this?

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