Does Self-Care Seem Out of Reach?

When you are a parent in a neurodiverse family, standard self-care advice doesn't work because you aren't in a standard situation.

We have what you need in order to enjoy more energy and greater contentment.

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    Tim and Dr. Robin Dickinson

    Experts in the field

    Who are we?

    We are an autistic Dad married to a family physician Mom. We have two children of our own and Robin tested our methods with a variety of families with a variety of needs during a decade in practice.

    We're the ideal guides for your parenting journey.

    What do we teach?

    This is a chapter from our complete parenting course.

    Using a logical, relatable, and accessible style with 19 lessons/chapters and over 25 handouts, we teach parents an authoritative parenting style using a modern understanding of attachment, emotional intelligence, ACEs, resilience, and growth mindset. You will be prepared for challenging parenting situations and confident that you are doing your best.