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2020 Like a Marathoner

feet running

Knowing you’re in a marathon doesn’t just affect your pace. Your mindset, goals, and self care has to change too.

Neurodiversity 101

delighted female friends with laptop and smartphone

Many people (even people in neurodiverse families) have never heard of neurodiversity. So we’re starting with a mini-course on neurodiversity. You can help change the world by forwarding this to friends and family so that everyone can learn about the beautiful diversity of brain wiring in our world!

Order in Chaos: Stop Forgetting Medication Doses

Having trouble remembering meds? We’ve got ideas!

How Doctors Think About Medication

Rather than being “for” or “against” medication, let’s discuss a more rational mindset.

No-Cry Homeschooling

Many people are finding themselves forced to homeschool their children this year. It’s hard for everyone and if your child was getting supports that have now been removed, how in the world are you supposed to do this?

The myth of the sensory kid

child's drawing answering "what do you like to do?" with answer "flipan ovr the sofu" and drawing of child with two braids flying through the air

Everyone has sensory needs and deserves a sensory menu.

Letting Go Of your Dream Child to Love the Child You Have

It can be hard to let go but you’ll be glad you did!

Part of Me Wants to Scream: Using Parts to Acknowledge the Complexity of Humans

Talking about your “Parts” is a way of describing the mixed ways you feel or react to a situation.

That Time They Found a Rat in the Chili: How to Deal with Difficult People

Using the SOCO technique to deal with difficult situations

What I Learned About Parenting From Finally Getting My American Girl Doll

Do you feel guilty for your feelings about your child? You’re not alone. Here are some tips to help.