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A Simple Technique for Dealing with Complaining

upset young indian couple after conflict

We get TOTALLY honest about our arguing…and what helps!

The myth of the sensory kid

child's drawing answering "what do you like to do?" with answer "flipan ovr the sofu" and drawing of child with two braids flying through the air

Everyone has sensory needs and deserves a sensory menu.

Focus on Your Goal Rather Than Being Right

Do you find yourself locked in silly arguments about unimportant issues that lead to intense arguments? Here’s a method to end the stand off.

A single question to address every naughty moment

Today we’re going to share our technique that can be used any time a child has done something they weren’t supposed to do or has not done something they were supposed to do. We say it so many times that the kids usually don’t… Continue Reading “A single question to address every naughty moment”

Understanding People Who Struggle With Stuff

Before tackling the stuff, it’s important to check in on how normal it is to keep things.

Letting Go Of your Dream Child to Love the Child You Have

It can be hard to let go but you’ll be glad you did!

Part of Me Wants to Scream: Using Parts to Acknowledge the Complexity of Humans

Talking about your “Parts” is a way of describing the mixed ways you feel or react to a situation.

That Time They Found a Rat in the Chili: How to Deal with Difficult People

Using the SOCO technique to deal with difficult situations

What I Learned About Parenting From Finally Getting My American Girl Doll

Do you feel guilty for your feelings about your child? You’re not alone. Here are some tips to help.

How to deal with Stuff: a step by step method

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