Consulting, Writing, Speaking

Tim is available for writing or planned talks on a very limited basis for select topics related specifically to being autistic and does not appear for unscripted, off-the-cuff speaking situations.

Dr. Robin Dickinson, MD is available for consulting, writing, and speaking. For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic this will only be available virtually.

While we firmly believe that autistic voices need to be elevated, it is Tim’s firm belief that Robin is a competent spokesperson for our family and he also thinks that the voices of supportive spouses are essentially absent from the conversation and need to be given space as well. Tim’s personal preference is to limit his public speaking to planned statements while continuing to make a difference. This has been true in other advocacy we’ve done together as well.

Dr. Robin was in private practice as a family physician for a decade prior to starting Aspie Family. She started her own solo micropractice (no staff) in order to have the flexibility to care for her family. She also founded and ran the local free clinic for many years, at which she taught students from the local osteopathic medical school. She is still a guest instructor at Rocky Vista University. She has extensive public speaking experience and has appeared on PBS Newshour and Colorado Public Radio.


  • Articles
  • Blog content and guest posting
  • Educational materials


  • Businesses looking to improve the neurodiversity of their workforce or needing assistance in making appropriate accommodations to align with ADA requirements
  • Physicians, therapists, or other medical professionals who wish to improve their knowledge/practice or discuss a particular case
  • Any person in a neurodiverse family who has individual topics they wish to discuss; however this will not be medical advice or management.
  • Any person in a neurotypical family who has individual topics they wish to discuss; however, this will not be medical advice or management.
  • Physicians needing to downsize/right size, simplify, become more efficient, or find balance between home and work.


  • Autism (obviously). Keynotes, storytelling to provide context, or lectures on specific topics
  • Advocacy in the areas of access to care, hunger, and disability rights
  • Physician wellness
  • A well-loved speaker for medical and pre-medical students on a variety of topics including trauma informed care/ACEs, mental health in primary care, patient communication, practice management, and family medicine topics.


With the exception of organizations she volunteers with already, Dr. Robin no longer speaks, writes, or consults for free as she is relying on her freelance work to support the family. Discounts are provided for low budget organizations doing extraordinary work in the realms of autism, disability rights, or addressing the social determinants of health. Scheduling priority will also be given to organizations doing this sort of work, regardless of their budget. Payment from private individuals will be via PayPal and from businesses and organizations will be negotiated prior to work commencing.

To discuss further please email dr.robin [at]

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