Our Mission

We are driven by our dream of a world that embraces and supports the full range of brain wiring. Our world is neurodiverse and most people don’t realize it. Indeed, most neurodiverse families have never heard of the term. We aim to create a community to support families like ours and individuals like us to live their best lives while being themselves.

How We’ll Do This

We believe that education is critical. We have watched other marginalized communities start with education and end with rights. We believe the neurodiversity movement needs to learn from our comrades.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and encourage everyone to become an anti-racist. We are still learning.

We believe that love is love and encourage everyone to become personal friends with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We believe that women’s rights are human rights.

And these issues are intersectional with another community that isn’t getting as much attention these days.

  • Did you know that one-third to one-half of people killed by police have a disability? The majority of these have a mental or intellectual disability (which is legally the category where autism, ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s belong).
  • Did you know that autistic teens and adults are 2-3 times more likely to identify as LGBTQ+ than the general population?

In 2020, the CDC finally came out with an estimate that more than 2% of adults have autism. We already knew that more than 4% of adults have ADHD. So even if a particular person isn’t neurodivergent, their spouse or partner, neighbor, coworker, friend, or family member is. And the majority are not diagnosed, which leads to untold suffering for the individual and their family.

By making this information widely available to people whether or not they are diagnosed, we can improve the quality of life of neurodivergent individuals, reduce stigma, improve neurodiverse relationships, and help children have a better future by helping their neurodivergent parents get the information they need. 

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Printables might be coloring sheets for your kids, a quick-start guide to post in your kitchen or bathroom to help you practice a new skill, or an inspirational message to keep you feeling motivated.

They can also be used as backgrounds on your computer, lock screens on your phone, or whatever you need.

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You are why we exist and we want to engage with you–or you can hang out quietly while we post new stuff just for you.

Expand Your Practice

Robin didn’t receive training on adult autism in school–but it’s estimated that more than 1 in 50 adults are on the spectrum. Many more are their spouses, partners, friends, family, and employers. When you see struggles in relationships, parenting, and maintaining employment, it’s time to consider if autism and provide tailored support. Learn more together.

I wish I could let other families see how a family with as much going on as yours can still be happy, loving, connected. Your kids are thriving, your marriage works. Let me know if you ever figure out how to bottle what you have so I can share it.

A clinician working with our family

We know the struggles that come with having children with autism and a spouse/partner with autism.

We’re also finding solutions that work.

Join our mission to connect with other neurodiverse families to share ideas, encourage, and all be our best.

About Us

Tim and Robin have been married for almost 20 years. With neurodiverse kids, we know both the joys and heartaches of helping them overcome struggles and be their best. Robin was a family physician in private practice for a decade before she left to work together with Tim to create this website and help other families like ours.

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