Our Team

We are a small team consisting mostly of fur babies. We have a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Tim Dickinson

Head Aspie

I bring a lifetime of experience with neurodiversity to everything we do here at Aspie Family. With 7 years worth of college credits, I don’t have a degree–but I do have an education! After a decade of staying home with our kids, I now work at the local museum. When Robin was in medical school, we started our tradition of her teaching me the most interesting lecture of the day. We’ve continued that tradition, each sharing what we’ve learned that day and how it applies to our lives. It was through this process that we created the concepts that would eventually be on this website.

Email me: timandrobin@aspiefamily.com

Dr. Robin Dickinson, MD


As a board certified family physician with a decade in private practice, I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with Tim to test our concepts in my practice with a variety of families and then bring them to our readers on Aspie Family. I currently teach pre-med topics to K-12 and also guest lecture at Rocky Vista University. Aspie Family is a dream come true for me–it’s what I needed a decade ago as we were trying to figure this out. I felt so isolated and overwhelmed as I hunted for positive and helpful information for our family. I hope to keep others from the often futile search we went through.

Email me: dr.robin@aspiefamily.com

Hannah Sayward

Editing and Design

I’ve known (and adored) Robin for most of my life. Having worked extensively with children of all diversities, I was thrilled to join the Aspie Family team! I have worked in many fields and my resume is filled with extremely random skills: singing, dancing, acting, stilt-walking, dog walking, chess teaching, video editing, art making, food serving, horse wrangling, sales-team supporting, choreography, and hair doing. I’ve worked at Disney World, studied musical theatre in Los Angeles, and lived in New York City. I am currently a professional princess and mermaid with Spoonful of Sugar Entertainment, a stilt-walker with Black Haus Creative, and an artist on Etsy. I live in Long Island, NY with my precious and magical cat, Gertrude McFuzz. Together, we work to make the world a kinder and more magical place!

Email me: hannah@aspiefamily.com

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