Parenting Course

Sit With Us

This is our most complete version of the parenting course. Sit down with both of us (Tim and Robin) while we talk through all the details. Each video lesson provides homework and action steps. You will also want to download the handouts. This is a pre-release version without all the final edits because the need is so great. All the information is there–some lessons just aren’t as pretty as others!

Take It With You

The beautiful full-color handouts are meant to be used with any version of the course (video, audio, or ebook). And for people who want to read the book, we have the e-book version of the course. Each chapter of the book contains the same information as the video lessons.

Listen Conveniently

This is the audio version of the e-book, read by Robin and edited and produced by Hannah Sayward. Each chapter contains the same information as the video lessons and same words as the e-book. You will also want to download the handouts.

Everyone needs the self-care chapter, so we’ve made it available for free in all three formats! We figure that’s the last thing more parents think they are able to do…so we are making it the first thing your receive from us!

Thank you for making this accessible

to everyone who needs it!

Jennifer, Denver

Our mission is to provide tailored information for neurodiverse families like ours.

Everyone deserves to receive information in that format that best works for them.

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