The more-Neurotypical Spouse

You Have Unique Needs

There are groups for doctor’s spouses and astronaut’s spouses–and your needs are just as unique compared to neurotypicals living in typical marriages. There are common struggles and partners of Aspies are working together to figure out solutions. While I strongly recommend you find a support group, I also know that it helps to have easy access to the information you need. So the articles here are for you, the NT partner.

You Matter, We See You

Because autism is invisible, the unique struggles of the partner of an Aspie are often invisible also–this means that friends and family don’t support you the way they would if your partner was deployed or working long hours.

Because you have different needs, your needs are likely not being met. It’s common to start to believe that you don’t matter. Many partners give up on themselves. But you don’t have to–the first step is realizing and then doing something different.

If you have children, it’s common for the NT partner to carry most of the load. Most books and therapists take it as a given. Our goal is this website will help change that. But in the meantime, it can all feel overwhelming.

You Have Unique Needs

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