Our Dream for Aspie Family

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When we started Aspie Family, we had a dream of creating a fully accessible website for neurodiverse families. This meant that the same content would be available in multiple formats–written, video, and audio. But it is a lot more work to create videos than to write articles (those YouTubers are dedicated to their craft!) So we decided to start with the articles so that we could provide something right away and then once we had enough supporters to make it possible, we would do videos. Our plan was whiteboard style explainer videos as these seem to work better than talking head videos for most of our Aspie friends and family. But of course, these are also time and skill intensive. Talking head videos are faster and at least provide the audio but for visual learners, this leaves a lot to be desired.

We’re going to start with talking head video courses and once we have the financial ability, we’re going to start figuring out how to turn the articles into whiteboard videos.

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All Our Articles with Videos (nothing yet…)

  • Neurodiversity 101
    Many people (even people in neurodiverse families) have never heard of neurodiversity. So we’re starting with a mini-course on neurodiversity. You can help change the world by forwarding this to friends and family so that everyone can learn about the beautiful diversity of brain wiring in our world!
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